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Outdoor Kitchens & Living

For those of us that live San Antonio, your outdoor spaces are as much a part of your home as inside your walls. So why not make your San Antonio outdoor kitchens a part of your well-deserved sanctuary?

There is great weather in San Antonio year-round. So your outdoor area should be a fantastic place where you can enjoy spending all those lovely days and nights. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a small outdoor space, there are endless possibilities of remodeling and bringing your outdoor area to life.

You can use your outdoor space for recreational and dining activities, alongside your home. It can serve as a comfortable living space outside the confines of your walls, but can also be a fantastic place for entertaining friends and family. 

If you are longing to experience the lush outdoor living that you have always dreamed of, Bordeaux Luxury Homes can make it happen. We will design the best functional outdoor living space to suit your needs. If you are looking to remodel your outdoor kitchen, pool house or cabana, we are here to help. 

Outdoor Kitchens Remodeling and Ideas

Over the last few years, outdoor kitchens have exploded in popularity. Outdoor kitchens have evolved from being just outdoor grilling spaces. Homeowners are now looking for versatile areas where anything can be cooked, just as in an indoor kitchen remodeling.

If your outdoor kitchen is out of date and is no longer fulfilling your needs, then a San Antonio outdoor kitchens remodeling is just what you need. You can equip your outdoor kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, barbecue area, a brick pizza oven, or anything else you can think of!  


Bordeaux Luxury Homes can help you achieve the style and appearance you want while making sure your outdoor space stays functional and cohesive. We will ensure that the hot, cold, wet and dry areas remain separate yet fully integrated, making your outdoor kitchen function in top condition. 

When designing your dream outdoor kitchen, different types of countertops can work. You can have a countertop that runs along the edge of your patio or deck, for example, allowing for food preparation and giving you more serving space once the food has been cooked.

Another option is a U-shaped counter, giving your space a bar feel, and will allow you to socialize with your guests while you are cooking. There is also the option of an island-style kitchen, which you can use to prepare your food, or as a grilling center. 

There are a lot of different construction materials that can be used to remodel your outdoor kitchen, and these can either match your house’s existing aesthetic or combine two or more or them to create something unique to suit your needs. We will help you in choosing materials that are easy to maintain and clean, as they will be outside and exposed to the elements. If you are looking to construct a shelter to protect your appliances and guests, we will guide you to the best construction materials and aesthetic. 

Pool House and Cabana Remodeling

Having a pool in San Antonio will make your house a popular destination with friends and family, especially in the summer. Remodeling your outdoor space to include a pool house or cabana will give your guests a changing area, and will keep them from entering your house dripping wet and soiling your floors and carpets. You can also choose to remodel it as an additional gathering space for entertaining, as you can include comfortable seating and a kitchenette in your cabana. 

Bordeaux Luxury Homes offers a broad range of services, from development and planning through design and construction. So we can work with your design and needs and create a project you can enjoy daily.

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