It’s safe to say that Kitchen Remodeling is an overwhelming task. This is because there are many minute detailing to be studied before renovating an existing kitchen. Hence a professional San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Contractors advice can make you safe from falling into the kitchen remodeling mistakes trap.

Avoid these Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

#1. Work Triangle Should not be a Bermuda Triangle

All the kitchen users will agree with me when I say that stove, sink and refrigerator are the most used space in a kitchen. Therefore as a San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling best design practice it is more convenient to place these 3 in a “triangular” model.

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#2. Do Not Ignore Counter Top Space

You just cannot ignore the counter top space when remodeling you kitchen. Although an award winning San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling firm will take great attention to avoid this kitchen remodeling mistakes. Still there is no harm in being a little attentive towards the design and space utilization.

#3. A Little Help Does No Harm

While going alone with DIY San Antonio kitchen remodel is great. But still a little advice from experts of kitchen renovation San Antonio is highly recommended. They can advise you with some tips and also tips to avoid the common kitchen remodeling mistakes. Bordeaux Luxury homes help the San Antonio community by giving free design consultation.

#4. Don’t Involve Other Spaces of Your Home

It’s important for you to give importance to the other spaces of your home when you are busy with your San Antonio Kitchen Renovation. Make sure you don’t mess up the other parts of your home with the materials used or paint or any such item.

#5. Don’t Go Loose on Your Budget

It is always recommended to draft a budget plan for the expenses for your dream San Antonio Remodeling Kitchen. Because it is often seen that budgeting comes across as a one of the most repeated kitchen remodeling mistakes if not calculated properly. Calculated your finances and then allocate a budget for each section like flooring, cabinets etc.

Remember that cabinets draw 1/3rd of the total expenditure for kitchen renovation. Therefore plan wisely and effectively.

#6. Plan the Kitchen Renovation as per your Lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle and the usage of your kitchen before finalizing the design. To explain further if your family likes to get together in the kitchen then you will need a larder. Similarly the counter top space depends on how often you use the kitchen.

Therefore hire the best San Antonio Kitchen Contractor carefully and then select the design best suited to your needs.

#7. Don’t make it a Rainbow Kitchen (unless you love it)

Before you confirm the design of your remodeled kitchen, imagine the finished end result. Because utilizing the space is one part which is important but, choosing the materials, the floor, the cabinets, the backsplash treatment is significant too.

Ask your Kitchen Remodeling Contractors San Antonio to choose such colors which will blend smoothly with each other and will give a refined look to your kitchen.

#8. Select your Appliances First

If you are planning to replace your old appliances with new ones then its better you choose them in the beginning. The reason for this is that the cabinets and other sections are easier to fit as per your appliances rather than the other way round while Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio.

#9. Utilize all the Functional Spaces

It is always nice to find more space to store your kitchen utilities, so that it gives a neater appearance of your remodeled kitchen. Hence ask your Kitchen Contractor San Antonio to utilize traditionally-not-thought-of space too.

For instance you can plant a toe-kick storage right under your cabinets to store your linens or serve wares.

#10. Think Out-of-the-Box

Breathe out of the conventional designs for your kitchen remodeling. Instead of placing a whiteboard or stickies on the wall or refrigerator, make the surface of your cabinets such that you can write and erase notes on them. It is much more fun, neat and gives a fresh look to your kitchen.

Be wise in choosing your San Antonio Remodeling Contractors for kitchen remodeling. After all it’s not only about cooking. Kitchen is the central space of your home.

Contact a Professional San Antonio Kitchen Remodeler to avoid kitchen remodeling mistakes

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