Kitchen remodeling can sure be a task. But the benefits of kitchen renovation make it worthwhile.

As quoted by Julia Child,

“Nothing is too much trouble if it turns out the way it should.”

Therefore it is crucial for your San Antonio kitchen remodeling contractors to be aware of and to follow the cutting-edge kitchen design trends in 2018.

Kitchen Design Trends 2018

Our San Antonio Kitchen Renovation experts will walk you through the kitchen design trends that are state-of-the-art and some which never fall out of trend.

1. Make sure your kitchen is as smart as you!

The older simple phones which were used to only dial numbers and send messages are now replaced with Smart-er Phones.

So if your phones can get smart why can’t your kitchen? Think about it.

It’s time that you upgrade your kitchen with not only smart appliances, but also the faucets, lightings, gadgets and more.

Some of the most common kitchen remodeling upgrades encouraged by San Antonio Kitchen Contractor:

These are just a few of the many smart kitchen design trends followed in 2018. Try them out, as advised by Kitchen Remodeling Contractors San Antonio!

2. Experiment with the Cabinet Color

While white still rules hearts as the most chosen color for kitchen cabinets. But 2018 is all about playing with new colors in Kitchen Renovation San Antonio.

Like you can choose Grey as the base color for the cabinets. And add a hint of color to your remodeled kitchen with colored furniture or backsplash or island.

Check out our kitchen remodeling before and after pictures to get an idea for cabinet colors.

3. Quartz wins between Granite and self

Quartz vs Granite is the famous tug-o-war comparison for kitchen renovation experts. And Quartz still remains the winner.

Quarts remains the favorable choice for kitchen remodeling because of various reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  • Quartz is a hard-wearing rock without any cracks or openings.
  • It is customizable.
  • It is cheaper in comparison to Granite.
  • Easy to maintain. Just spray some soapy water on stains, wipe it off and you are good to go.

4. Choose high-end functionality

Instead of opting for the clichéd open and close doors of a kitchen cabinet Kitchen Contractor San Antonio advises to try a different functionality. For instance insist on press and open cabinet doors for your San Antonio remodeled kitchen.

This way you will not only insert style to your kitchen, but will also save some space for better usage

5. Spray some attention to your Sink

Sinks never caught the attention. But not anymore says San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling experts. Don’t just use the plain and simple steel sinks. Rather color them up with a color matching with your kitchen color palette.

Replace your existing kitchen sink with Prep sinks which are not only stylish but highly usable too. Or you can also opt for an integrated quartz sink for high-end look.

Get in touch with our Kitchen Remodeling Contractors San Antonio to learn more about kitchen sink styles.

6. Mix and Match the Counter-top Materials

Yes Quartz, Marble, Granite, Wood all are great for being used as counter top materials. But modern kitchen design trends suggests mixing them up for style sake.

To elaborate more San Antonio Kitchen Remodel experts say; try using wood and marble in a combination for a unique and stylish kitchen top pattern.

7. Open Plan Kitchen

Break the walls. Well this time literally.

As per San Antonio Remodeling Kitchen experts; gone are the days of a separate dining room. 2018 Kitchen Design trends encourage open plan kitchen style for informal dining and a more connected space.

8. Single Level Kitchen Islands

Single level or raised islands are great for adding style and for giving more space for preparations.

Apart from this the lightings can work better on a single platform rather than two level islands.

9. More Storage Options

Storage has always been a matter of concern and an important reason for kitchen remodeling San Antonio. While renovating your San Antonio kitchen make sure you innovate ideas for maximum possible storage.

Try deep drawers for more storage in less space. Or corner storage stands. The kitchen islands too have huge scope of building storage spaces in it.

Talk to our San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling experts to show some examples of how to maximum the space for storage.

10. Untapped Kitchen Ceilings

Kitchen ceilings are the most ignored ones while renovating a kitchen. Aren’t we all just tired of the same old ceilings?

One of the most loved kitchen design trends 2018 by San Antonio Remodeling Contractors is to style up the kitchen ceilings. Splash some color and design it up to spice up your kitchen’s style quotient.

11. Flooring

Hardwood floorings never go out of style. They give an uber-stylish look to your remodeled kitchen. But ceramic flooring is the new flavor of the season.

All in all put up a flooring which is stylish and durable too as per Remodeling Contractors San Antonio.

12. LED Lightings

By using the right LED lights you can enhance the look of your remodeled kitchen incredibly. Lights above the kitchen islands particularly give a differentiated ambience.

Other options worth trying are cabinet lighting, smart lighting, chimney lighting and more so that your kitchen looks brighter and welcoming.

Concluding Kitchen Design Trends 2018

Renovating drawers, cabinets, flooring, lights, ceiling, sink, appliances and Kitchen Island together make for the leading kitchen design trends in 2018.

If these ideas temp you to renovate your kitchen then reach out to our San Antonio Remodeling Kitchen contractors for a free design consultation.