So you are planning for San Antonio kitchen renovation? Great!

But wait, have you set your budget for kitchen remodeling?

If you haven’t yet, don’t worry. Our San Antonio kitchen remodeling contractors are here to help. We not only design your kitchen renovation vision. But also help to execute your dream in a planned and organized manner.

While kitchen renovation San Antonio our remodeling contractors are usually asked the questions;

“How to save money on Kitchen Remodel?”

“What is the average cost of Kitchen Remodeling?”

“What is the average cost of small kitchen remodel?”

“How about the cost of a high end kitchen remodel?”

Although an exact amount for all these questions is hard to answer without looking closely to the requirements of the home owner. But still our experienced kitchen remodeling contractors will share an insight with you for a wise planning of budget for kitchen remodeling San Antonio.

9 Tips for effective planning of Budget for Kitchen Remodeling

Here are some advises to help you set budgeting for your San Antonio kitchen remodeling. And to stay prepared for the unplanned surprises while remodeling your kitchen in your home.

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Stick to the Ballpark estimate of Kitchen Remodeling

Even though this seems to be an obvious thought, but believe me this turns out to be the most ignored one too. Focus on the below three factors while choosing and sticking on the estimate given by your Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in San Antonio.

To begin with, run through the finances in your mind and judge whether you can afford the estimate given by your contractor. Once you have all the calculations in place only then finalize the contractor of your choice and stick to the budget decided.

Next, be clear about your motive for kitchen renovation. Whether it is about increasing the resale value of your remodeled home. Or it is about adding more style and comfort for your family. Just be clear about your future plan and spend the Dollars in remodeling your kitchen accordingly.

If at all you are planning of selling your home after remodeling then be advised of running a scan of your neighbor’s home standards. Are they all modest, or chic? Because there is no plan remodeling your existing kitchen into an ultra-fashionable kitchen; if your neighborhood does not match it. And hence you will fail to make money on your investment.

Break-it up

It is always better to know and understand how your budget for kitchen remodeling is designed. Therefore her we are helping you with the break-up of the average percentage of total cost sharing while renovating your kitchen.

The NKBA provides a ballpark calculation of the percentage each section covers while remodeling a kitchen:

  • Cabinets: 30%
  • Appliances: 14%
  • Countertops: 10%
  • Lighting: 5%
  • Plumbing fixtures: 4%
  • Paint: 3%
  • Tiles: 2%
  • Labor: 20%
  • Other: 12%

Hence base your budget calculations on the above percentage to pull out a better ballpark estimate of the entire kitchen renovation project. Also be candid with your San Antonio kitchen remodeling contractors. Ask them about any information which isn’t very clear to you.

For instance, if the invoice or estimated invoice includes an item like “cabinet remodeling”. Then it’s safe to ask them in the first hand if it includes the labor charges or it is just the cost of the materials used.

Be prepared for Surprises

As per San Antonio Kitchen Contractor this is a ground rule when you are setting up the budget for kitchen remodeling. Always set aside 15-20% of your money to use in case of surprise expenses. Especially when you are opting for Kitchen Renovation San Antonio after ages.

Be ready for some unwanted surprises like; rotten floor under the sink due to leakage. Or, the wall behind your refrigerator is coming off due to some moisture or heat.

Basically keep your pockets warm (if not hot) for any undesirable surprise fixes.

Pen down your Kitchen Remodeling Priorities

While remodeling your kitchen, make a list of the priorities. For instance, is flooring more important or redoing the furniture? Are cabinets more important or the lighting in your kitchen?

This is important so that when you experience the unwanted expenses, you can choose and decide which item should be taken off the list; and which necessarily needs renovation.

Where will you be staying while kitchen renovation?

This is crucial. Because if you choose to stay in a hotel or another rented apartment, this will add up to the budget for kitchen remodeling. Therefore opt carefully and wisely.

Alternatively you can also choose to make a temporary kitchen in one of your rooms for the time being. This will lower your cost and will give you more options for a better remodeled kitchen with the money you have saved.

You might increase the business of eateries

Well this is just so obvious, but a neglected piece. Because your kitchen will be in a remodeling phase, there are very good chances for you to either eat out more often. Or ordering in and take-away will be very frequent.

Believe me this too adds up a good amount of cost to your total budget. Therefore it’s good to include it in your budget for kitchen remodeling in the very beginning, for a better and calculated vision.

Create your small informal ledger

It is always advised to note down your expenses in a spreadsheet to keep a track of the left amount, approx. expenditure and amount already spent on kitchen remodeling.

This way you will not go wrong in calculating the budget and estimating the future expenses.

A little help does no harm

If at all you fear more cost than your estimated amount, then you can cut down on a few gears by doing it yourself.

For instance, you can take away the old cabinets yourself, trust me it’s no big deal. But you sure can save quite some for an extra remodeling feature.

Temptations are no good

This is obvious for a home owner to get tempted to add more features. But do not turn your head towards them. Because it’s going to increase your expenses and your overall budget can shoot right up.

Summary about budget for kitchen remodeling

Stick to the above 9 points for budgeting of your kitchen remodeling project and get ready to see an awesome remodeled kitchen that too within your budget limits.

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