Now that you have decided to remodel your kitchen, next comes the kitchen cabinets style.

The modern cabinet styles of 2018 allows you to choose from a wide range of styles for kitchen cabinets. Just take a foot back, scroll a full panoramic view of your kitchen and choose which cabinet style will suit the best to your kitchen and your pockets.

When you first enter a kitchen what’s the first thing you notice?

The kitchen cabinets style.

This is because the kitchen cabinets make the most of the space of your remodeled kitchen.

Therefore while kitchen remodeling you must give special attention to kitchen cabinet door styles and kitchen cabinets color.

Here our San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling contractors will walk you through the different styles of kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets Style

#1. Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets are the traditional ones. It is marked by a five-piece door with a dipped center section.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Styles by San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Company

Many people have doubts that if the shaker kitchen cabinets are still in style.

Well they are always in style with San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling.

Shaker cabinets can blend well with any wood or color to suit your contemporary or modern kitchen.

#2. Louvered Kitchen Cabinets

As per Wikipedia’s definition

“A louver was originally developed with horizontal slats angled one below the other so as to allow the entrance of light and air but refrain rain and sunshine.”

Louver Kitchen Cabinet Styles by San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Company

But many San Antonio Kitchen Remodel experts have kept the design of a louver to shape it into a cabinet. Apart from adding great architectural style quotient to your remodeled kitchen, these can add value too.

San Antonio Kitchen Renovation experts can add some space in between the slats. And this space can then be used to cover the items which need some ventilation for storage.

#3. Flat Kitchen Cabinets

“Simple never goes out of style.”

And flat kitchen cabinets are the perfect example to prove this notion.

You want a modern kitchen, done.

No? Contemporary is your style? Great.

Flat Kitchen Cabinet Styles by San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Company

The hard lines and minimalist form of the flat kitchen cabinets make it an ideal deal for both forms for a San Antonio Remodeling Kitchen.

You can obviously decorate the flat doors using your designer skills with a laminate or a wood with attractive colors and sheens.

#4. Inset Kitchen Cabinets

“Old is Gold.”

Well this holds true for inset kitchen cabinets.

Because this is an oldie in this section and its comparatively expensive.

But the price is worth the value it has to offer as per San Antonio Kitchen Contractor.

These cabinets are placed in the inside of the frames, hence the name – Inset.

Inset Kitchen Cabinet Styles by San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Company

The inset doors work absolutely fine even when they slightly contract or expand depending on the climate.

Unlike the commonly used covered hinges, these kitchen cabinets used exposed hinges, which adds up to 2 hinges per cabinet door.

#5. Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Love to have a historic look for your kitchen.


Distressed kitchen cabinets are just the right thing for you as per leading San Antonio Remodeling Contractor.

Distressed Kitchen Cabinet Styles by San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Company

Just have your kitchen remodeling expert rub the wood used for your cabinet doors to give it an old and grey look.

#6. Bead-board Kitchen Cabinets

By definition a Bead-board is made by lining up small wood planks vertically in a row. And there is a little dent in between each wood plank known as a “bead”.

Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet Styles by San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Company

It was initially used on the walls to cover up the water leakage and other such damages for Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio.

#7. Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets

The Thermofoil cabinet doors are shaped out of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) for Kitchen Renovation San Antontio. Then these doors are enfolded in a plastic-type covering to be baked under extreme heat for an invulnerable seal.

Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet Styles by San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Company

Interestingly it has no metal sheets inside. As a replacement for metal, a skinny sheet of vinyl is vacuum-pressed onto cabinet doors.

This indeed serves as a budget kitchen remodeling solution.

Thermofoil kitchen cabinets are easy to clean, inexpensive, water-resistant and maintains the color uniformity.

#8. Custom Kitchen Cabinets

None of the above kitchen cabinets styles level your vision?

No problem.

Contact your San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling contractor and deliver your idea or your vision to him.

San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Contractors - Bordeaux Luxury Homes

A good kitchen renovation expert will definitely carve the best and unique design to suit your fashion and taste.

Get the Kitchen Cabinets Style matching your panache.

Planning to get your kitchen remodeled?

Do not forget the cabinet styling. It is very important you choose the right style and right material to best suit your kitchen.

Our San Antonio Kitchen Remodeling Contractors offer free design consultation. Reach out to them to move ahead in the right direction of kitchen remodeling.